Vernesa is the CEO of Miss Beauty Solution and one of the 2020 International Supreme Entrepreneurs of the Year.

She began her Internet career in the era of the rise of micro-business. Has more than ten years of experience, accumulated a lot of contacts, skills and knowledge, through the development of the Internet business, expanded to today’s new retail e-commerce platform, leading all areas of the business department, has a special passion for marketing and social media, perseverance, the courage to innovate.

She enjoys traveling, experiencing cultures around the world, tasting food, studying, and spending free time with her family.

She dreams of providing effective and time-changing products for everyone, occupying the market at reasonable prices, and inspiring more women to become financially independent, financially free, happy married, and more valuable, and to become what even she will like.

Miss Beauty’s products started in 2016 and were grouped into Miss Beauty Solution in 2018. Miss Beauty comes from the idea that “a woman should live exquisitely”.

We started this business to provide the local market with affordable and high-quality products, and we have always been on the customer’s side.

After the marriage of 4 children, her body shape has changed greatly! Experience the effects of the product for yourself and successfully lose 13 kg! It has become the spokesperson of the brand and the best witness of the brand.

Our vision is to open up the market in Southeast Asian countries, promote high-quality products to all parts of the country, let more people use our products, and develop a thousand-person team. Co-creation, sharing, win-win, common progress and retreat is our culture.
So-called: “One person can go fast, but a group of people can go farther.” ”

We attach great importance to the quality of our products, from procurement to manufacturing process are very strict control, resolutely using natural plant ingredients to combine to achieve better results in products.

We are also always looking for the best new ingredients and technologies for our customers to use with peace of mind.